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Wednesday 02/24/2021

New TLI Events Added
Winter TLI Results
Area Visits Spring 2021
April Club Renewals

“Hall of Fame”

Recent Education Awards
Distinguished Clubs
Pathways Awards
• All “Level 1” Awards
• All “Level 2” Awards
• All “Level 3” Awards
• All “Level 4” Awards
• All “Level 5” Awards
Pathways Mentorship
Distinguished Toastmaster
Individual Paths
• Dynamic Leadership
• Effective Coaching
• Engaging Humor
• Innovative Planning
• Leadership Development
• Motivational Strategies
• Persuasive Influence
• Presentation Mastery
• Strategic Relationships
• Team Collaboration
• Visionary Communication
Legacy C&L Awards
• High Performance Ldrship
• Advanced Leader Silver


Years of DCP:
DCP 2020-21
DCP 2019-20
DCP 2018-19



Distinguished Club, Area, and Division Plans
July 2020 – June 2021

Track your progress along the Road to Distinguished Status!


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