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Tuesday, March 2

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Years of DCP:
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2020-21 “Hall of Fame”
Pathways: Leadership Development

   Leadership Development, Level One:  13 Awards

 Davis, Carol (LD1)

 Talk of The Town


 Fletcher, Karen (LD1)



 Legall, Sharon (LD1)



 McNamara, Jocelyn (LD1)

 Library of Congress


 Morrison, David (LD1)

 Spirited Speakers


 Pretzman, Louise (LD1)

 Crystal City Evening


 Quintos, Norie (LD1)



 Sealey, Donna (LD1)

 Fast Forward


 Seeberger, Amy (LD1)



 St.Clair, Eugene (LD1)

 Raise Your Glass


 Trang, Thanh (LD1)

 F.A.A. Speechmasters


 Winborne, Kimberly (LD1)



 Zander, Sylvia (LD1)

 Park Place


   Leadership Development, Level Two:  10 Awards

 Corso, Jayne (LD2)

 Raise Your Glass


 Kaufman, Noah (LD2)

 State Of Speaking


 Miles, Julie (LD2)

 City of Alexandria


 Plott, William (LD2)



 Pretzman, Louise (LD2)

 Crystal City Evening


 Quintos, Norie (LD2)



 Sealey, Donna (LD2)

 Fast Forward


 Trang, Thanh (LD2)

 F.A.A. Speechmasters


 Tuazon, Raymond (LD2)

 Patuxent River


 Wunder, Bernard (LD2)



   Leadership Development, Level Three:  5 Awards

 Adams, Cheryl (LD3)

 Pentagon Legacy


 Anderson, Nicole (LD3)



 Jones, Deborah (LD3)



 Miranda, Ivana (LD3)



 Tuazon, Raymond (LD3)

 Patuxent River


   Leadership Development, Level Four:  5 Awards

 Adams, Cheryl (LD4)

 Pentagon Legacy


 Barnett, Altheria (LD4)

 Presidential Speakers


 Hobbs, Christine (LD4)

 DTM Masters


 Jones, Deborah (LD4)



 Williams, Elaine (LD4)

 Saint Margaretís Achievers


   Leadership Development, Level Five:  1 Award

 Barnett, Altheria (LD5)

 Presidential Speakers