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Sunday 02/28/2021

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2020-21 “Hall of Fame”
Pathways: Visionary Communication

   Visionary Communication, Level One:  15 Awards

 Alfred, Sharon (VC1)



 Antoine, Sherlo (VC1)

 Pentagon Legacy


 Catalan, Bernadette (VC1)

 DTM Masters


 Dawson, Tiffany (VC1)

 Dynamic Speakers


 Evans-Roddy, Iristine (VC1)

 Raise Your Glass


 Gyimah-Brempong, Kwabena (VC1)

 Old Town


 Helfman, Marvin (VC1)



 Leong, Kelly (VC1)



 Moore, James (VC1)

 City of Alexandria


 Nielsen, Robert (VC1)

 Tongue-Tied Trainers


 Patterson, Johnnie (VC1)

 Speak Up


 Penney, Susan (VC1)



 Perdue, Scotch (VC1)

 Personnelly Speaking


 Sanks, Annette (VC1)



 Skyers, Gary (VC1)

 Defense Health Headquarters


   Visionary Communication, Level Two:  12 Awards

 Bates, MJ (VC2)



 Caldwell, Vincent (VC2)

 Voices of SHRM


 Curry, Regina (VC2)



 Evans-Roddy, Iristine (VC2)

 Raise Your Glass


 Gyimah-Brempong, Kwabena (VC2)

 Old Town


 Halbe, Rebecca (VC2)

 Free And Wild


 Harrop, Christopher (VC2)



 Leong, Kelly (VC2)



 Nielsen, Robert (VC2)

 Tongue-Tied Trainers


 Patterson, Johnnie (VC2)

 Speak Up


 Penney, Susan (VC2)



 Sanks, Annette (VC2)



   Visionary Communication, Level Three:  4 Awards

 Dooley, Jim (VC3)



 Halbe, Rebecca (VC3)

 Free And Wild


 Leong, Kelly (VC3)



 Patterson, Johnnie (VC3)

 Speak Up


   Visionary Communication, Level Four:  3 Awards

 Dooley, Jim (VC4)



 Patterson, Johnnie (VC4)

 Speak Up


 Rudl, Greg (VC4)



   Visionary Communication, Level Five:  1 Award

 Givans, Annmarie (VC5)

 Tamara Hamilton Aspiring Spkrs